Design a chair.


I designed a chair by layering and connecting long sheets of wood veneer, taking advantage of the material to create interesting and stable bending forms. 


Robert Scharein’s Knot Zoo was helpful in looking at the different potential patterns of knots to discover interesting bending possibilities, and to create complex forms from these overlapping paths.

Japanese weaving baskets transform these bending formations into objects to fulfill a function, done by using wooden strips to bend in a way that looks convoluted but with intentionality. The looping created a shell for objects to be put inside of it, and the practicality created from this techique is what inspired me to translate my own “knots” into a chair.


Initially I made paper models from cutting 1”x11” strips to imitate the bending behavior I wanted to express. I tested different variations of this strip methodology by changing the width, having it loop through holes, adding more strips, restraining to one connected strip, etc.

After multiple iterations, I came to this form based on not only the quantity of bends, but because it was the exact amount necessary in which each strip played a role in supporting the chair, whether by forming the seat or helping to balance it.


I made a model using one layer of wood veneer to show its texture and construction prototype. The drawings take the chair to actual scale and display how a person would sit on it.