Design an Apple Watchface.


Unlike real-time, comics can exaggerate the timeline of a story. The significance lies in the movement from one scene to another, with growing anticipation as the reader imagines the change in dynamics from panel to panel.

I created a custom interface that focuses on the passage of time through these transitions normally found in comics — animating the implicit movement that gets processed when reading the pages of a flat and static comic book. With visual and audio cues representing page turns, explosions, speech bubbles, and more, my watchface brings to life the techniques in comics and translates them onto a digital timepiece.

Initial Concepts

First, I had to figure out how I wanted to display these comic panels within the apple watchface. I sketched various layouts that not only looked like a comic, but also read like one from left to right. 

Once I had set the display, I focused on animating the transitions between thresholds. How would I transform 12:00 to 12:01 in a way that references comics while adding motion? And the first thought that came to mind were bubbles—speech bubbles. I can aniamte these bubbles to sprout from the panel to mark the exact second the new minute begins.

Multiple Iterations

After creating a foundation of my panels and transitions, I was able to design all these different iterations with varying shapes and colors that diversify the options for the user.Each interface portrays a different personality based on the type of transition, from explosive to relaxed.

For a New Hour & Day

To add more levels to the watchface, I made unique transitions for when reaching a new hour and a new day that includes sounds specific to each watchface so that the user can hear when a new hour or day has begun.

Full video & audio: