school gear.

The Princeton School of Architecture placed a student design committee in charge of designing gear for the students and faculty. With the committee consisting of a wide range of students, from undergrads to masters to PhD’s, we each surveyed our own peers to determine the most popular type of gear. We decided on a tote bag & sweatshirt as the most useful and convenient items.

With the PSoA already having a strong typeface and B&W branding, I wanted to base my designs off other prominent factors of the school. 

One recognizable feature is the renovated entrance to the building that connected two previously separate wings of the school. Done in 2007, the modern glass walls heavily juxtapose with the original brick building. Now when you google image search “Princeton school of architecture,” the most of the images of the building is that entrance. It is the angle that everyone uses in press and media about the school. 

Another aspect that interested the committee and me was to emphasize the abbreviation of the school as “PSoA.” While not as popular or official as Harvard’s GSD (Graduate School of Design), we wanted to incorporate the letters into their design and advance this acronym. 

Based on the “PSoA” lettering and the entrance to the building, I made 2 designs and their mockups:

My designs were ready for production in Spring 2020 for all students and faculty, but were halted due to COVID-19. Despite the unexpected situation, the department was able to distribute the tote bag for students coming back for Spring 2021.