Apple Watchface.

I created a watchface that uses Apple’s man emoji to visualize how tired you are, based on how long you’ve been awake. Using the sleep tracker in the Apple Watch, I designed hourly transitions that cumulatively add onto the face until you “sleep it off”. 

Treating the emoji like an avatar, and seeing him get tired later into the night will hopefully encourage people to look away from their screens at night.

This example is based off an 8 hour sleep schedule when sleeping from 12am–8am, but adjusts depending on the user. Essentially, the more hours of sleep you get, the later the transitions begin, and vice versa. 

Along with the main transitions, I wanted people to know how long they’ve been awake and also provide a way to customize their emoji.

While the emoji does a good job showing when its been awake for awhile, you can tap the face to know exactly how long you’ve been awake. 

In matching with Apple’s current customizable UI, I adopted similar methods to allow you to select different emoji as your avatar.

This interface is interesting because of the capabilities of the Apple Watch. With not only a tiny digital screen on your wrist, but additional health monitors tied to it, I was able to take advantage of the device to visually represent time based on sleeping habits. Rather than seeing numbers or lines, you’re confronted with an emoji that is getting just as tired as you throughout the day. 

Although I established the basics of the concept, there are infinite ways to expand on the aesthetics of the transitions or the customization of the emoji. Working on this project in the future, I would most definitely dive into the more stylistic decisions and increase the diversity of the customizations. For now, here is a quickened animation of the emoji getting tired, with an added frown.