logo identity.

I designed the identity for Princeton’s Visual Arts department based on its shortened title, vis. In collaboration with Kevin Feng, we asked each student in the program to submit an asterisk, and overlaid all of them to create the new logo.

asterisk noun
  1. a symbol (*) used to mark printed or written text, typically as a reference to an annotation or to stand for omitted matter.

Knowing this year will be mostly digital, I wanted to have a dynamic and collaborative logo that can represent the class of 2021 online. The asterisk replaced the “i” from the orginal name and created a space between the “v” and “s” that is filled with symbols representing its students. This gave an opportunity to allow seniors to quite literally leave their mark on the program.

For print materials, the static logo would be simply all of the asterisks on top of each other. 

As a standard, the v*s logo would be used in all publicity material for the department. This includes merchandise, signage, websites, etc.